[Pinder Industries, Inc. is a low to mid-volume sales and contract assembly manufacturing firm for Sensors, Thermocouples, Environmental Coating, Kitting, Cable/Harness Assembly, Circuit Board Assembly, Prototyping, Turnkey Assembly and Test Fixtures.]

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[Pinder Industries, Inc] [Bullet] Printed Circuit Fabrication Online (www.pcfab.com)
[Pinder Industries, Inc] [Bullet] Institute for Interconnecting & Packaging Electronic Circuits (www.ipc.org)
[Pinder Industries, Inc] [Bullet] Department of Defense Index of Specifications & Standards
[Pinder Industries, Inc] [Bullet] Society of Manufacturing Engineers (www.sme.org)
[Pinder Industries, Inc] [Bullet] The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (www.ieee.org)
[Pinder Industries, Inc] [Bullet] ISO 9000 Checklist (www.iso9000checklist.com)

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