[Pinder Industries, Inc. is a low to mid-volume sales and contract assembly manufacturing firm for Sensors, Thermocouples, Environmental Coating, Kitting, Cable/Harness Assembly, Circuit Board Assembly, Prototyping, Turnkey Assembly and Test Fixtures.]
[Founded in 1954]
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Pinder Industries, Incorporated is a small family owned contract assembly and manufacturing business that offers their demanding customers a partner for precise product assembly on time with the highest degree of quality attainable. Pinder caters to the Aerospace, Scientific, Petroleum, Industrial, Communication, Military, Agricultural and Medical Industries. In these industries accuracy and delivery are of paramount concern. Our assembly facility is designed for producing medium to low (prototype) volume made-to-order custom solutions.

Some of our product and service offerings include:

Temperature Sensors - Thermocouples - Environmental Coating - Kitting
Test Fixtures - Cable/Harness Assembly - Coaxial Assemblies
Circuit Board Assembly - Prototyping - Turnkey Assembly - Battery Packs

*** ISO9001:2008 COMPLIANT ***

Contact us today for custom, quality manufacturing solutions,
provided on time and at a fair price.

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Pinder Industries, Inc.
PO Box
Hammond, IN 46324
P: 219.924.7070  

Offering low to mid-volume made-to-order
custom manufacturing solutions

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